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What Feeling Is Chasing You Down? | Ericaism

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Paying attention to how we feel is very important, but if we’re honest, especially women and men too, I guess we all do and ignore our feelings because of what we have to do or the title you put on your emotions. I’m being weak, I’m giving in or sometimes it is resentment and irritation. I’ll do it myself. They won’t do it. 


You have to be careful of the feeling that’s chasing you down. Pay attention to your heart. I was telling my kids the other day Krista had some homework and she kept saying I have to do this homework. But she was getting distracted, I said your heart wants to do your homework, I said but your mind is so used to racing because you’re on the phone and you’re scrolling and you got different things going on or there’s something you think about doing in your room or something you think about doing in the kitchen. You have to make your mind catch up with your heart, right? And so sometimes your heart feels away. I don’t want to do this. This is uncomfortable for me. Why don’t they do it right? But your mind jumps in the way. I’ll just get it done. But that’s not how you really feel. 


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Pay attention to how you really feel, especially in your relationships, in your girlfriend, relationships, in your church relationships. You have to be doing it for the right reason, and if your heart is OK, then don’t let your mind talk you out of it. What do I mean by that? Well, that’s not smart. You know, they take advantage of you before. And what if they don’t really see you and things like that. Sometimes that’ll make you do a have a head decision over a heart decision. I believe heart decisions are always the best. I should forgive them. Nah, if I do then I’m a look weak. When did forgiveness make you weak to you? It may make other people think something, but why do we care what they think in the first place. 


Those are they sitting their feet under your table. Who care? I don’t care if three houses over. Somebody’s talking about me. Guess what? I can’t even hear it. So make good decisions based on your heart. What feeling is chasing you down when you think about your kids or your marriage, or your church, or your work. We all have them, and sometimes because we are so busy and so much in go mode, we bypass or ignore those feelings and emotions because we’ve got to make. That makes sense in our head, heart issues and head issues don’t always align now we. 

Know the scripture. Tells us we need to be transformed by renewing our mind. So it is not just such a battle to do the right thing right. You can condition your thoughts to line up. No, I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to rationalize my way into something or out of something. I’m not going to apologize. Before I ask, I’m just going to ask. I’m not going to assume that they might not like it or might not listen or might not hear me. I’m going to follow my heart and I will make this request known. This thing that I’ve been praying about, thinking about it, won’t stop chasing me down, but I keep allowing my head and my rationale to kind of push it to the side, push it to the side. 


Some of you want to go back to school. You want to dance? You want to do something new and your head is telling you, girl, you too old. Nobody gonna pay. Don’t talk yourself out of it. What does your heart say? Listen, make sure that thing lines up with the word of God. Spend some time in prayer. God, is this me tripping? Or is this you guiding me and go for it? Why not?