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Encourage Your Friends | Ericaism

griff's prayer

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One thing about me, I’m encouraging my friends. Take it straight up. And I’m gonna go hard encouraging my friends if I find out you having a bad day or I hear Griff sniffling or something like that, I’m going to give him every scripture in the world about being encouraged and holding on to God and what God promised and, you know, buckling down as my mom would say. Buckle down. That’s what you gotta do when you get in the car, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. You buckle down and you get ready to go through the storm. 


Here’s what I love. You ain’t never in the storm by yourself. You know, and here’s what I do realize, too is that a lot of people don’t take advantage of the love that you have around you. You know you’re going through a tough time and you don’t want them to think anything, so you don’t say anything. Yes, I want you to think that I need your prayers. I’m not that kind of person, if I ever just have time, I’m going to say, hey guys, I need some extra prayer power all my intercessors and prayer across the country. 

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I need you to start praying right about now. Right up and through here in this situation and this tough, sticky situation. And so I’m the one that you can call. I’m the one that you can send a text message or leave a voice note, and I’m gonna pray if I can get to you, I’m gonna get to you. But if not, I’m gonna call you and FaceTime you because I need to look at you. I need to make sure you good and you’re OK because I think that we underestimate the power of togetherness and you unity. 


How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity, dwell doesn’t mean just in the same space. That means I’ll rock with you if it’s if you’re down and dirty, I’m rocking with you crying. I’m rocking with you good moments. I’m rocking with you. I’m celebrating you. I’m lifting you up. People are always so surprised when I go places. And you know when they’re trying to fix things and I start helping. You can’t help you, Erica Campbell was like I should absolutely help because I’m Erica Campbell. 



We were at our church and one of the light bulbs went out in the bathroom. And it was during service. And so I always like have extra stuff right, because I’m my mom, always have extra stuff. So I literally just went and got the light bulb. And I was on the chair in the bathroom with some one of the people on our sanctuary service. That’s what we call her ushers. She came and she was like first lady, what are you doing? I was like, fixing the light. No, but you could have called somebody I said I could have or I could have just done it. And sometimes you just need to just do it. 


You be the one who let me find somebody to pray for you. No, you stop and you pray for your friend right there. I don’t care if you don’t know all the right things to say. So we were on our family call and my niece, who’s not as Jesus as everybody else. You know, she’s, you know, she made different choices in her life. She said. I’m gonna pray today. God and she didn’t do all those things and she didn’t use all the particulars. She just prayed because her family needed it. It was so you know, it was a little funny, but it was awesome because she was so sincere. And sometimes that’s what people need. They need you to just jump in the in the deep water, jump in the in the storm and just pray with them, or sometimes just make them laugh because I know that I can always make Griff laugh, because if I tell him, do your man cry right there, see like that. There we go laugh. 


And it’s hard to be sad when you’re laughing, maybe you cry a little bit, but it brings some joy and that’s, you know, we say faith walking, love talking and joy living. And I want to live in those spaces, it’s not, you know, it’s not just to saying that we have here. It’s really it’s a mindset. It’s a way to live. To walk by faith, to live with the love of God presence in your life, and to know that the joy of the Lord is your strength. So y’all take that. I love you.