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Corie Johnson is a comedian, song-writer and came on “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell” not to only make you laugh, but talk about what’s going on in his career. He recently celebrated his birthday and was explaining why he lies about his age. Corie mentioned that he just turned 34 and tells people he’s 57 and they immediately tell him he looks good for his age.

When you tell people a very young number they sometimes will give you that look because you don’t look good. Corie also spoke about a 90-year-old woman that just graduated college. He mentioned that we shouldn’t be happy for her because she procrastinated for nearly 50 years.

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Corie also joked about how she is the smartest person because she won’t have to worry about student loans for long. He grew up and stuttered really bad, but explained how his weakness became his strength through the years. Corie loves to entertain fans and looks forward to possibly writing a platinum song for Erica Campbell one day.

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