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Everything That Has Breath | Ericaism

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Making sure that you get time in the word is crucial to your spiritual growth, right? But it also combats the enemy. It also combats negative thoughts. It’s just impossible to be in the word and allow the enemy access at the same time. So I am. I’m intentional about using the word as a weapon. And also using it as a tool to grow in faith. So when I’m having my my real life moments that may be overwhelming, I was like, let me just crack this Bible open and so I went to something that I’ve known my whole life, probably that I’ve heard and and you all know, Psalms 150. ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord’, right. 

We know that scripture, but what it doesn’t say is let everything that is perfect praise the Lord. Let everything that is beautiful praise the Lord, it says. Let everything that has breath. So even if you’re barely breathing, the Bible still tells us to praise the Lord. 


I thank God for the Breath of God breathing life into us. We would not be human beings without the life, the Breath of God. You know when children are born, we’re happy. When we hear them cry because we know that they’re breathing. Right. That’s the first thing you want to know when they come out. Are they breathing? And as God gives them breath in their lungs, it is our job to praise the Lord.  

And I’m not talking about just praising in church, praising him with your life, praising him with your gifts, and yes, praising him out loud, praising the Lord, not in your mind, not I’m, you know, pray within myself, but literally opening your mouth to praise the Lord. It combats the enemy. It signals heaven. You know Paul and Silas. Praise God. The attention of God when the when they were in prison, the doors were opened because of their praise. 

What can your praise do in your life? What can praise change and shift in your atmosphere? What can praise change in your house? What can praise change in your church? What can praise change in you? The things you want to be lifted off of you, the weights that you have, the worries that you have, the things that sometimes just are natural thing because we all have something that we deal with. Everybody’s going to deal with something. 

But I’m telling you, your praise can lift it. Your praise can shift it. Your praise can give you strength. Your praise can walk you into victory. So don’t you ever neglect praise. Let everything that has breath. I don’t care if you want to breathe the machine you still breathe and let everything that has breath as you take deep breath into your lungs. It fills and fuels your body. Then your body says thank you by giving God praise. So I challenge you that everything that has breath wherever you’re listening. Some of you are listening at work in your car, maybe on your phone. Give God praise. Tell him you love him. Tell him he’s worthy. Shout hallelujah. Give him the glory. Give God praise. Let everything that has breath. Praise the Lord. Watch what happens in your life.