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The top 10 best pies from the South.

(Source: Southern Living)

10 Delicious Pies From The South  was originally published on

1. Peanut Pie

Although Georgia is known for its peaches, it’s most famous and bountiful agricultural gift is peanuts. Georgia is responsible for the half the nation’s supply of peanuts thanks to it’s rich southern Georgia soil. Runner peanuts is a specific type used to make peanut butter which in turn makes for a tasty peanut pie.

(Source: Southern Living)

2. Transparent Pie

Out of Kentucky comes the transparent pie which is made out of the simple household ingredients butter, sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla, and a splash of milk or cream. Mix them all together and you get a flakey crust with creamy goodness on the inside. Kentucky isn’t just for Bluegrass!

(Source: Southern Living)

3. Cushaw Pie

Made from the winter squash cushaw out of Louisiana the cushaw pie is a winner among many. Naturally sweet the cushaw grows to about 10 pounds. All over the state at farmers market you can find this tasty morsel of a pie.

(Source: Southern Living)

4. Grapefruit Chess Pie

South Carolina is home to many different types of citrus trees that you can find in most people’s back yard. There the grapefruit thrives and has been made into a pie, something most people wouldn’t think to use for pie ingredients. Traditionally made around Thanksgiving, the pie uses Ruby Red grapefruits.

(Source: Southern Living)

5. Over The Moon Chocolate Pie

That’s right, this sweet treat is called Over The Moon Chocolate Pie and it comes all the way from Tennessee. This was inspired by another sweet treat back in 1917. Over 100 years later the Moon Pie has become a favorite treat often seen in school lunch boxes. The Over The Moon Pie is made with a graham cracker crust, a rich chocolate filling with a touch of Tennessee whiskey.

(Source: Southern Living)

6. Pecan Cheesecake

The state of Texas claims the Pecan Cheesecake! Pecans and Texas share quite the past with over 130 counties in the state having the tree you’ll have no problem finding some to bake with. Using a brown sugar filling layered with cheese cake and topped off with chopped pecans this cake becomes hard to look at!

(Source: Southern Living)

7. Caramel Tart

Last on the list we have the Caramel Tart from Virginia. This chocolaty treat filled with caramel can be served in bite sizes or really slender slices that go great after a heavy meal.

(Source: Southern Living )