Gateway Church in Dallas found a new location for the newest campus and it might shock some.

Erica admit she has a lot of confidence. The key is not separating her “hope” from her “expectations”. Sometimes our expectations are so low because we base them on what we’ve been through in the past, instead of basing our expectations on what we believe, what God says and the visions/dreams that God has given […]

GRIFF was coming back from his trip and spoke about going to baggage claim.


Matthew 25:36 says, “I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

Erica Campbell on “Faith Walking” shares some details behind the movie “The Passion Of The Christ.


Young love can have you go through different emotions and for one Muslim teenage boy he’s learning that lesson.

Will And Alexis are a singer-songwriter gospel duet who also happened to be cousins!

Wesley Morris came to the Get Up! studio to chat with Erica Campbell and GRIFF.

In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell explains that many of us don't know who we are in Christ.

Faith Walking, Erica Campbell wants us to understand that Jesus needed people.

This edition of Love Talking is about the challenge of loving the unloveable.

Nowadays, it might be hard to focus on what Christmas really should be about when we are encouraged to shop and spend money on the latest and greatest in material things during the holiday season. Erica Campbell explains how, in her household, she makes sure the “Christ” in Christmas isn’t left out of the priorities. […]