Thaddeus Matthews known to many as the "Cussing Pastor" is now making headlines again not for his profanity, but for having a twerking competition at his church.

Police in Brooklyn are now searching for a man they say was caught on video stealing a statue from a church and placing it inside a garbage can.

David and Connie Reiter are being charged after the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office says the two used $1.2 million from the church to go on vacations and to sporting events.

Members of New Life In Christ Church walked into have service on Sunday and were shocked to see items were taken.

Pope Francis has acknowledged sexual abuse of nuns in church...

A new Pew Research Center report on religion and well-being found that religious attendance was linked to high levels of happiness in comparison to people who don’t attend church.

On November 16th, 2016 it was a very hard day for many people.

For most teachers the school week starts on Monday and ends on Friday and they can go about living their life.

Members at a historic church in southwest Atlanta were shocked after it was vandalized while members were celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Police in Cypress, Texas say 62-year-old, Arthur Edigin fatally shot his estranged wife and injured his daughter outside of a church.

Growing up many children and teenagers attend church with their family, but according to a recent study that changes as they become young adults.

The New Bethany Missionary Baptist Church is mourning the loss of their beloved pastor.