Get Up!

Pugh is making some big news including a "Very Best Of" album this year. 2023 is looking up for Pugh and you can find out more with Get Up! here.

Pugh also talks with Erica about his opinions on the Stellar Awards, the "Worship Leaders Lounge" and more with Erica and GRIFF.

Earnest Pugh's new song "God Wants To Heal You" comes at a time where Coronavirus is shutting down the way we live our daily lives, but the gospel singer encourages listeners to not live in fear.

Earnest Pugh is giving back to his alma mater in the best way. Through music! 

Stellar Award nominated artist Earnest Pugh is getting ready for his next live recording!

Looks like Earnest Pugh is taking his talents to radio!

In addition to discussing his personal favorites off his past albums that didn’t make it as singles being on his new album, Earnest Pugh reflected on growing up in a big family, as he’s the 7th of nine children. 

Ever listen to an album and wonder why certain tracks don’t make it to radio or other popular playlists?


Are you going through some things and feel like you just might not make it?

Earnest Pugh’s video for “I Need You To Breathe” is giving us chills.

Earnest Pugh is celebrating the release of his 9th studio album, "Survive!"

Gospel singer and songwriter Earnest Pugh chats with Erica Campbell & GRIFF about his latest single, "I Need You To Breathe."