You Can’t Win In The Beginning I have a panel that I have to do and the title of the event is “winning in the first inning.”  I don’t know much about baseball, but I don’t think anyone has ever won in the first inning—or in the beginning. You can’t win until you get to […]

To close out this week in "Wake Up & Win" mantras, Dr. Willie Jolley gets to the importance of having faith in God and using it to make action towards bettering your life overall.

In order to fix the decline in church attendance due to the pandemic, should we go back to old traditions for the sake of saving brick and mortars or just find ways to progressively praise the Lord in this new era?

New research from Gallup says only 64 percent of Americans believe in God. This new percentage comes a decade after 80 percent of Americans were “convinced” there is a God. 


In a world where your difference is your destiny, DeVon Franklin uses faith as his superpower.

GRIFF shared a message Erica Campbell says everyday about how the enemy tries to throw us off our path.

Erica Campbell was discussed a testimony about faith that was truly amazing.

Erica Campbell shared a beautiful message from her bishop about life choices.

GRIFF recalls his mother when he was 9-years-old giving him a card with a mustard seed in it.