The Get Up Church loves the kids! Mr. Griffin brings his mentees (including four high school students) also known as “littles”, to the work to experience radio life and have the opportunity to interview live on-air. Want news at your fingertips? Text “ERICA” to 52140 to join our club. (Terms and conditions) Big Brothers Big Sisters […]

It’s time for you to walk by faith and get out of your feelings.  “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” (Proverbs 4:23) Everything you do comes out of your heart. It is so important for you to protect and to guard your heart because it is very easy […]

Overcoming Savior Syndrome I know that we should be patient with people, and I know that sometimes we are assigned and called to things that are challenging, but some of us have savior syndrome and we feel better about ourselves when we’re doing something for someone else.   I’ve seen this up close and personal. […]

With a whole lot of love, Erica Campbell made her way to Atlanta for the release party and concert of her brand new album ‘I Love You’. From Grammy-award winning group Mary Mary (with her biological sister Tina Campbell) to a thriving solo career, Erica Campbell has never disappointed when it comes to records! Fans […]

Pastor of Transformation Church (Tusla, Oklahoma) and #1 New York Times best-selling author Mike Todd is back with his most vulnerable book yet…Damaged, but Not Destroyed. Want news at your fingertips? Text “ERICA” to 52140 to join our club. (Terms and conditions) Despite every hurt, heartbreak, mugshot (which we discover he has in common with Erica), […]

Grammy-nominated jazz and soul singer Maysa blesses the Get Up Church with her brand new song, “Lord I Thank You” featuring Kirk Whalum. She explains how the song naturally came to her as she was experiencing a moment of deep gratitude and reflection. “The melody came to me and I turned on my phone, the […]

Erica Campbell comes to the medium of radio from the perspective of a singer, songwriter and performer. She talks about implementing this perspective in a unique way in her approach to hosting her own show, and treating radio ministry as an extension of her music ministry. She talks about expanding the moments she wishes she […]

In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell reflects on a list of accomplishments that she and her sister compiled in hopes of achieving as Mary Mary. Some things on the list include doing a live recording, singing at Carnegie Hall and performing at the Kennedy Center. Recently, Mary Mary was invited to sing their […]