Bishop Darwin Hobbs called in today to debut his new song "Get Ready" and talk about what inspired it. Listen inside!

Listen to Brian Courtney Wilson reveal what inspired the remake as he also shares the importance of empowerment and hope in this season. 

One of our favorite couples took over today's Love Talk segment: Tim and Brelyn Bowman! 

Devon Franklin speaks on how people should use social distancing as an opportunity to grow rather than staying still during this time. 

Dr. Sylette calls in today to discuss how to build your immune system and how to know to the difference between a cold, allergies, the flu and coronavirus.

Earnest Pugh's new song "God Wants To Heal You" comes at a time where Coronavirus is shutting down the way we live our daily lives, but the gospel singer encourages listeners to not live in fear.

Paying off debt is no small feat, but Anthony & Jhanilka Hartzog were able to put off paying their $114,00 debt in 23 months!

Award-Winning journalist Ed Gordon has released his first book, 'Conversations In Black,' about where we stand today as a culture.

Byron Cage’s new album, Isolation, is his 10th one and includes 10 new songs he hopes give people who feel isolated some peace.

In spreading messages about her new book, Erica Campbell said that it’s important not to run from the painful moments in your life.