Today for "Fashion Friday," we were joined by celebrity stylist Kym Lee to run down a few makeup tips that will definitely have you feeling like a whole new person this spring.

Kym Lee has done make-up for everybody from Angela Bassett to Whitney Houston!

Kym Lee has done makeup for Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Mary Mary and more!

Celebrity make up artist Kym Lee has done make up for countless artists and performers, including Erica Campbell! She was the lead make-up artist for BET’s TV shows, and her work can also be seen in many popular movies, from Jumping The Broom to Black Nativity. She says she gets a lot of requests from […]

D.C. celebrity make-up artist Kym Lee has done make up for many famous faces, including Erica Campbell! She joins Erica and GRIFF on air to discuss how the ladies can keep their faces beat in the heat. Kym says, the hotter, more humid months require a different make-up formula and routine. She explains the importance of […]