A police officer wrongly accused McDonald’s employees of taking a bite out of his sandwich, before realizing he after he actually did it himself.


Simon Childs’ life turned around after a woman who meant to publicly shame him, actually helped him secure the good Lord’s increase.


  McDonald’s is back in the news again after an employee was captured on camera shouting the N-Word at a customerr.

Earlier this week, we wrote about Yasmine James, the Black woman who was working at McDonald’s when she was assaulted by Daniel Taylor, a White customer, who pulled her so forcefully by the collar, that her body came across the counter.

A video of a woman working at McDonald's went viral after the customer grabbed her and she defended herself.

A McDonald's worker is allegedly out of a job after defending herself from a white attacker and it's all caught on video.

The tour brought down the house in praise at the Chicago State University Jones Convocation Center.

National Grilled Cheese Day recently passed, but TJ isn’t a fan of it.