Officer Grigg’s mission is to save our Black boys, as is ours. If you missed the conversation, take a listen inside.

A new bill could shift power in Baltimore by allowing the city to regain control over its police department after 160 years of the state calling the shots.

Diamonds Ford is fighting to clear her name after she was charged for shooting a police officer she suspected to be an intruder while serving a warrant at her home in Jacksonville, Florida.


Tulsa police video shows a white driver pulled over by cops refuse to follow orders, resist arrest and assaulted officers before wrestling away one of their guns and shooting them both at point-blank range, killing one.

Officers Michael Kevin Piner, Jesse E. Moore II and James B. Gilmore are now fired.

Want to help people who can protest? Who demands reform on police brutality? Here are a few resources.

Minneapolis Police Department is under fire after a video goes viral of a black man who loses his life during an arrest. 

A gospel singer is dead after a deadly run in with Houston police during a traffic stop. 

Ex-cop Aaron York Dean has been charged with murder in the shooting of 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson in her home.