Congress voted to approve granting a waiver to Joe Biden's pick for Secretary of Defense, setting the stage for Lloyd Austin to become the first Black person to ever lead that federal agency.

In the entire 231 years that the U.S. Senate has existed, there have only been 10 senators who are Black. Just two of that already small number are women.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom's decision against picking a Black woman to fill Kamala Harris' U.S. Senate seat has set off a political firestorm on social media.

In January, Ebenezer Baptist’s Rev. Raphael Warnock, entered the Georgia U.S. Senate race.


Rain Pryor is forging a new path in the political field, after announcing her intent to run for Baltimore city council.


Former national teacher of the year Jahana Hayes has been declared the winner of her congressional race in Connecticut.


Andrew Gillum on Tuesday night barely fell short in his historic quest to become the first Black governor of Florida's next governor.


Letitia A. "Tish" James made history Tuesday night after she was projected to win her election to New York state's next attorney general.

Priscilla Shirer of “War Room” was recently speaking at an event, where she talked about how people identify you.

A new survey of millennials reveals their attitudes about race and politics.