Dr. Willie Jolley shared that he received an email from Dr. Bernard Demchak, a friend of Rosa Parks, who revealed a lesser-known aspect of her act of defiance on December 1, 1955, in Birmingham. According to Dr. Demchak, Rosa Parks confided in him about her deep-seated reasons for refusing to give up her seat on […]

Ever since we started learning about Black History in elementary school, Rosa Parks was one of the central figures of the lesson.


Civil rights icon Rosa Parks was honored with a commemorative statue in Montgomery, Alabama marking the 64th anniversary of her refusal to give up her seat to a white patron on a segregated local bus route.

We don't typically hear about those who refused to give up their seat before Rosa Parks.


Following David Dao’s violent removal from a United Airlines plane, many people have rallied around the victim. In a press conference, Dao’s lawyer Thomas Demetrio, insisted, “Dr. Dao, I believe to his great credit, has come to understand that he is the guy, the guy to stand up for all passengers going forward.”  Demetrio added that […]