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Rosa Parks On Bus

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Following David Dao’s violent removal from a United Airlines plane, many people have rallied around the victim. In a press conference, Dao’s lawyer Thomas Demetrio, insisted, “Dr. Dao, I believe to his great credit, has come to understand that he is the guy, the guy to stand up for all passengers going forward.”  Demetrio added that he’s even received an email that labeled Dr. Dao the “Asian version of Rosa Parks,” for not giving up his seat.

That’s where they lost Urana McCauley, Rosa Park’s niece. In a TMZ video, she asserted, “there is no comparison.” To elaborate, she continued, “As someone who is her niece, and grew up with Rosa Parks, and knowing her on a personal level, knowing all she endured and knowing what Black people in this country endured at that time, I feel that you cannot compare the two.” You can watch her full video below.

McCauley’s remarks ring true considering Park’s decision to not give up her seat for a White passenger sparked an organized movement – the 1950s Montgomery bus boycott protesting racial segregation.

“I think that what Dr. Dao is going to do is probably change the policy of United Airlines, but actually what my aunt did was change history,” McCauley said.

Rosa Parks sits alongside the work of Claudette Colvin who refused to give up her seat to a White person nine months prior to Rosa Parks. Eventually, Colvin became an important witness in the landmark Browder v. Gayle case that eventually ordered Alabama to desegregate buses.

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