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Erica Campbell was having a conversation with some of her artists friends and they all were talking about why they do the work. She mentioned she doesn’t do it for the record sales or anything like that her music is to gravitate towards souls and be apart of this beautiful ministry. Sometimes in life the Holy Spirit guides us to a place we might be scared to go, but He knows that we are ready for it.

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Erica also talked about how in different work environments including the music industry we try to copy what others are doing. Everything doesn’t work for everybody. Erica is so thankful that God allows her to create and write, it might not be traditional but it’s for Erica. She spoke about recording a live album or something like that, but it’s not in the plan right now.

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Erica is okay wherever God directs her. She is not worried about getting approval from others and is here to please God. Erica mentioned that even when the applause stop and the light goes out, God is the one that will be there for her.

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