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We all watch “We’re The Campbell’s” and see how Erica Campbell is with her children. You have to train up a child and help them understand manners, how to treat others and get through life. Erica talked about how seasoned mother’s need to help younger mothers sometimes. She spoke about teaching her kids certain things in the house so they act a certain way outside of the house.

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Yes, they might not listen to all the advice you might have, but saying something won’t hurt. Erica mentioned the next time you’re in the grocery store and you see a young mother just buying burgers, fries and candy to tell them to buy some broccoli. She also wants you to talk to them about drinking more water and other healthy beverage options.

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Erica spoke about how when she was younger she wasn’t allowed to come in the room if older people were speaking. Now some kids feel they can be in the room listen to any conversation and it makes them feel they’re grown. Having manners is learned and respecting others come from you showing your kids how to do that. Erica wants you to help a young mother.

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