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There Is A Leader In You | Dr. Willie Jolley

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Source: Reach Media / Radio One Digital

We’ve been talking about how to grow your future by growing yourself and one of the things I stressed in my Ted talk for business, entitled “How to Turn Your Setbacks and the Comebacks with an Attitude of Excellence” is that you must become a more effective leader.

Now, many people think that leaders are born, but I say that leaders are not mostly born, they are mostly developed like a diamond is developed over time. It starts as a piece of coal that over time comes full of pressure, it goes against adversity. It gets through those tough times and becomes better as a result, and it goes from being a little piece of coal to becoming a beautiful diamond.

There’s a diamond on the inside of each and every one of you. But. you must be willing to develop that diamond to become a better you, and that is something that everybody can do to become a better you.