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Don’t Let Go | Ericaism

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So listen, I already told you that yesterday at Kelly, worship was bananas. So you please make sure you go to the YouTube clip and check out the service from yesterday. But there was a segment in the end of the message where Warren it really, really encouraged the church. And even though the message was challenging because it was about forgiving and it was about loving your enemies and it was about. 


Feeding your enemies if they’re hungry and if they’re thirsty, give them drink and the IT he rested on. Don’t be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good and, he said. I know it sounds like double talk, kind of like when your parents told you to clean up your room and you better not take too long and go into people’s house, but don’t act like you ain’t got no sense of do this and you better do it right until they tell you to do something and then they give you another directive, right? 


After and the reason they give you a directive after because they know they taught you to do it right the first time and he was talking about how. That don’t become. Don’t let overcome evil with good is God saying don’t drop the ball. I have. I sent my son to die on the cross. I’ve given you provision. I’ve left you with the Holy Spirit. I’ve given you promises. I’ve given you the word of God. I need you to really act like I’m the God that you say you believe in. Don’t drop the ball, he said. You bet, you bet, not mess up everything that God has done for you.  

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Everything God has been to you. You bet. Not walk away from the faith. You bet. Not let the enemy manipulate you. You bet not. Let the enemy take advantage of you when you know good and well. ll. He’s a liar. Why are we believing this liar? Well, we need to be standing on the truth of God. Don’t let the enemy steal your promise. Don’t let them steal your joy. Don’t let them steal your ministry. Don’t let them steal your faith. You’ll know that the devil’s a liar. But God is the truth. His word is the truth. And yes, you have to go through difficult times. And yes, you won’t have the answers. And yes, but that means. When you trust him. And you resting him. I ain’t got to worry about it. God never told me to make my own way. He said he would make a way out of the way so I can trust and rest in him so I won’t drop the ball I’m holding on to my faith. I will not let go. 


I will not let naysayers distract me. I will not let disappointments turn me away. I will not let nose or negativity stop me from moving toward what I know God has promised and said to me. I will not walk in fear. I will not walk in anxiety, not when I serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords what? He overcame sin and death, and I’m walking in fear. What is wrong with me? What’s wrong with you? Come on. I love God. You love God. What’s wrong with you? Let’s walk in our divine authority. God has given you precious promises in the word of God. Stand on the promises of God. I don’t care what it looks like. I don’t care what it feels like. Listen, I’ve heard some amazing stories of victory and triumph over this weekend. I’ve talked to some people who have overcome some crazy stuff, and they overcame it. They are talking. 


From a place of victory, that means the victory is possible, no matter how bad it is. So no matter how bad it is, I want you to get ready for the victory. Prepare your mind for victory. Prepare your people for victory. Prepare your space for victory. Get ready for it. Because if God promise. Baby, you can count on it.