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The hit show “God Friended Me,” continues to be a success on CBS and for one reporter he had a similar moment from the show happen to him in real life. If you aren’t familiar with the show the main character who is an atheist receives a friend request on social media from God and it changes his life.

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According to the Christian Post, columnist Jerry Davich mentioned that he received a random text with the word “God” in it during a time where he was feeling frustrated.

As an experienced writer he’s written a lot of compelling stories as well as witnessed many things some of us will never see in a lifetime. After receiving that text it led him to seek God more.

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Davich recalls when it happened and said, “While standing over a sink in a hospital restroom, my iPhone slipped out of my hands and onto the floor. God’ text befuddles this agnostic. I had just sent an update to my fiancée on a loved one’s emergency surgery. After drying my hands, and cursing about my feebleness, I leaned down and picked up my phone, hoping its screen didn’t crack. I quickly glanced at my phone and one word — God. — appeared out of nowhere on my end of our text exchange. I didn’t type it and I didn’t say it using my audio texting tool. It just popped up.”

After speaking about it on social media people compared it to the show “God Friended Me.”

This experience has changed his mind about God and he said, “I’ve been open to the possibility of God’s existence since my teenage years. Still waiting for a credible sign, though every Christian I know keeps telling me I’ve been receiving signs for decades(!!). (My closest friends are pastors and believers, and a Catholic bishop.) They also keep telling me that I am a Christian in the closet.”

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