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griff's prayer

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So listen, holiday time is upon us and Christmas will be here before you blink. And what’s sweet about Christmas at my at my house is I still have little kids with great anticipation, but even in all their anticipation, they know that there are certain things that their parents are just going to do. So I don’t think they’re ever fully in fear of not celebrating or not being celebrated and I love that they know that we love them in that way, that we’re always going to pour that love on them and it always makes me think of the father’s love and it would be a wonderful if we trusted the father’s love in that way. 


If I can be fully transparent. I had something that I had laid before the Lord that I have been waiting on that I have been praying for, probably for about the last three weeks, you know, I did my promo tour and I did all these things and I did Tamron Hall. And I did all these things, but it was still something that I was waiting on. And I, you know, I kept instead of asking God for it, I kept thanking God for the words has prove me now or try me and see will I not pour you out a blessing that you won’t have room enough to receive. That’s what his word says. And so I just kept laying that before the Lord, Lord, this is what you promised. Lord, this is what you said. And I believe my life is in line with your word and will for my life. And I’m declaring that you shall supply this need. According to your riches and glory, not mine. So I don’t have to finagle, and I don’t have to make things happen. God, you will supply this need because you know what it is and you love me. I’m your child. 

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Father, I pay my tithes. I give my offering and not that you look at my works because my works don’t make you any more or less wonderful. You’re wonderful. Just because you are a good and faithful God. But I believe that you will take good care of me. And when I tell you, I opened up my e-mail this morning and at 11:00 PM, who gets business emails at 11:00 PM. Erica Campbell at 11:00 PM. And God did just what I prayed for, just what I was believing for. And so, I just want to encourage somebody this morning to stand in faith and trust that the God who provides will provide trust that the God who takes care will absolutely take care, trust that the God who is your father, who said he’ll never leave you, nor forsake you. His words, as I’ve been commanded to bless you, and I cannot reverse it, stand on the word of God. 


Holiday season is tough for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons, but God will supply every single need emotionally, mentally, physically, for your family, for your heart, for your church. So don’t be in despair. Don’t dismay, don’t stress, and don’t be overwhelmed. God can, and God will.