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Be sure to wear your mask properly.

New research from Johns Hopkins Medicine said the nose is a key entry point for the coronavirus.

“Making sure that you are wearing the mask properly, that you are not breathing air out of your nose and into the world that might infect another person,” said Dr. Andrew Lane with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The team at Johns Hopkins said COVID-19 is latching on to certain cells in the nose at an alarming rate–up to 700 times more than in other cells.

“So there is a lot of reason to think that the nose is the place where the virus if not comes in, stays there for a while and that’s the reason why to prevent other people from getting the virus from you if you had it, it’s important to wear the mask over your nose and not just your mouth,” Lane said. “When we test for virus, we test in the nose, we put a swab in the back of the nose because studies show that’s the area where you can find the most virus in people who are infected.”

The Johns Hopkins study could lead to more targeted treatments for COVID-19.


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