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Many people practice yoga on a daily basis without really knowing the origins of the popular mediation method. Lisa Brown, founder of Lisa Brown’s Treasures & Gifts aims to increase knowledge of yogi enthusiasts with the launch of African themed yoga mats to enhance the mediation experience.

When Lisa refers to the term yoga, many assume it’s the practice referencing the meditation and stretching methods done in Asia. In actuality, Lisa is referring to Kemet Yoga, which originated in ancient Egypt. This type of yoga was done by the Egyptians for thousands of years before other forms of yoga around the world were formed. Lisa designed African themed mats to increase awareness about this little known fact.

I started off doing traditional yoga, thinking it came from India“, she explains. “I stumbled upon a book that talked about ancient practices of yoga and…I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know this information in terms of how we heal ourselves and how civilization began in Egypt.

The mats are eye catching and beautiful, from zebra skin pattern to blue based mats, accented with shapes of orange, purple and yellow designs – all African influence as Lisa has become inspired by African culture through friends and what she’s learned in adulthood. “I’ve always been interested in the African heritage, especially to know who I am.” Her site also includes workout gear such as King Tut stretch pants (those look really cool), gym bags, sweats and towels.

These unique items are sold exclusively on Lisa’s website, but be sure to place your order soon because her work has been noticed and is in high demand! When asked what other inspiring entrepreneurs should do in order to connect and get this kind of impact, Lisa simply responded, “Research, research, research! It wasn’t just about about the material aspect for me. I defiitely wanted to learn for myself what was out there, so you definitely want to do that.

Orders have poured in from individuals and organizations around the country. Be on the lookout as Lisa has also been invited to participate in the 2017 African Fashion Week in London. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, check out Lisa’s products on her Instagram  and Facebook pages.


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