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Did you know that May marks Foster Care Awareness Month?

The foster care system is one that’s very bittersweet, in the sense that on one hand it signifies a sad fact that many children across the world don’t have loving homes to call their own. On the other, it also signifies an organization that is making sure those same children are not on the street and/or turning to negative life choices that can only lead to detriment.

In the case of nationally syndicated radio host and extended BAW fam Willie Moore Jr., his own experiences of being part of the foster care system as a child proved to be one of the biggest driving forces to what he’s become today. That same drive and dedication that saw him become one of the most popular on-air personalities in our culture is what inspired him to devote time into raising positive awareness for adoption. This is how his new film, The Missing Peace, came about.

Giving the world a first-person insight into Willie’s emotional adoption journey, The Missing Peace is both a tale of perseverance in addition to a lesson on forgiveness. For the first time ever, Willie Moore Jr. met his biological family in 2020, which the film captures and depicts with sincerity, honesty and most importantly a look at what unconditional love truly means.

When looking at the numbers, it goes without saying that foster care children are oftentimes some of the most overlooked in the world. Based off a figure that places roughly 423,997 children in foster care system, a somber 26% of those are matched to adoptive families. When you look at those numbers for Black and Hispanic bodies specifically, 44% of our beautiful children currently waiting to be adopted make up that number. It’s for reasons like this and many more that a film like The Missing Peace is so important. Much respect, Willie!

The Missing Peace film by Willie Moore Jr. is set to premiere this Sunday (May 16) for a full 24 hours via Proceeds from the film will benefit the WilFlo Foundation’s mission to provide scholarships relieving the financial burden for families pursuing adoption of children over 12 years of age.


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