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The global pandemic has made things unavoidably rough on everyone over the past year-and-a-half, especially for those that’ve actually lost a loved one to the COVID-19 virus.

One Detroit family is currently suffering the unimaginable after the seven children lost both of their parents to coronavirus, and they sadly died just hours apart from each other.

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Both Troy and Charletta Green, a happily married couple of 22 years that met when they were both 14, unfortunately, were unvaccinated according to Fox 2 Detroit. While the outlet does report that both were considering plans to get the shot, both 44-year-olds ended up getting sick before a final decision was made.

More on how their love story came to a tragic end below, via Fox 2 Detroit:

“[Tiki] Green says it all started in mid-August as Troy and Charletta planned a family trip to Florida. Troy stayed behind – he was not feeling well.

Charletta fell ill and was hospitalized with COVID-19 two days after arriving in Florida.

Troy was taken to Sinai Grace Hospital for Covid a day later. Both were put on ventilators. Their anniversary was spent in ICU.

But while Troy made a bit of a recovery, Charletta’s condition worsened.

‘Her lungs were severely damaged and … they just couldn’t do any more for her,’ Green said. ‘When he realized that his wife, you know, maybe not getting better, after he hears she’s on a ventilator and she’s on it 100 percent constantly, he just basically couldn’t take that. He just started having chest pains and eventually a couple of hours later he passed.’

Green says Troy died Tuesday morning from a heart attack, just hours after Charletta died in a Florida hospital on Labor Day.”


Adding even more grief to their situation, the family is now in the midst of planning a double funeral for both parents. Please pray for The Green family in any way that you can, and visit the GoFundMe set up in their memory if you would like to donate as well.



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