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Normally on the NYC subway when people come to perform or talk, but  a lot of people don’t pay attention. Then there are some people that get on the train and tell a story that some can’t help but open up their hearts to. A young man got on the train in NYC and in the video starts to testify about his life.


He told everyone about how at the age of 14 he was kicked out of his home by his mother, he robbed and stole from people and spent nights hungry. Everyone began to look up because he also mentioned that no one but God took him out this situation. He had a story to tell about being in and out of jail and realizing one day he needed to change his life around.

The young man mentioned that believing in Christ, reading his word and trusting him led him to a different life. He also spoke about the people that say they will be there but they really aren’t and how Christ gave his life for us. Listen to his moving testimony and tell us what you think.

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