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Christmas is coming soon, but one single mother received her gift early. The cast of “A Bad Moms Christmas,” which stars Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn came to talk about the upcoming movie and surprise a mom in the audience. Ayesha Dixon talked about how she was on a Mother’s Day show two years ago and said, “You literally changed my life.”


Dixon is a single mother that put herself through school and struggling to pay back student loans. DeGeneres told her to come up to the stage and join the cast. Dixon works at a nonprofit and helps assist seniors and often feeds the homeless. Dixon said, “I’m a single mom, and it’s been difficult. As much as I like to give back, I don’t have much to give, but I try to volunteer. I always know that there’s someone who’s worse off than I am….For me and my daughter, you know, as long as our bellies are full and I have a roof over my head, it’s been just amazing.”

Dixon’s mother came out and DeGeneres revealed that the entire time it was a surprise. She immediately began to cry as Kunis gave her $25,000 for working so hard and another $25,000 was given to her by Bell. She was overwhelmed and then Hahn told her to buy some gifts and gave her $25,000. DeGeneres didn’t like that everyone had gifts and mentioned she had to do it to and gave her $25,000. We are so happy Ayesha Dixon can take a bit of the load off of her plate.

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