Bishop T.D. Jakes And Other Christian Leaders Want The Slave Trade In Libya To End [VIDEO]

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Entertainers, preachers and more all around the world are speaking out against African migrants being sold in Libya into slavery. According to The Christian Post, a video has been surfacing the internet of slaves being auctioned off for hundreds. The man was caught saying, “”Big strong boys,” the man is heard saying in the video. “400 … 700 … 800.”


Senior Pastor TD Jakes made a video and is encouraging people to take a stand on this. He said, “Nearly a million migrants have fled into Libya and are being sold into slavery, that’s atrocious!” Jakes wants anyone with a platform to talk about this human trafficking issue.


He also mentioned, “I’ve got friends black, white and brown who say, had they lived in slavery times they wouldn’t have made it because they would have said something. Well the bad old times are back and I wanna challenge you to say something!” Jakes believes this is unacceptable and in a Facebook video showed what can be done to help these men getting sold.

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