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For today’s Money Mondays, Marcus Davis stops by the Get Up! Church to give us 3 Tips for Leading a successful business. Davis has his own successful companies in Houston including, The Breakfast Klub, The Reggae Hut and Culture in Houston, Texas. He’s also a highly sought-after motivational speaker.


Listen to Davis’s tips below!


Read Davis’ tips below:

ERICA CAMPBELL: So let’s get into your tips, you got three tips to leading a successful business. Tip number one is “quality product.” Let’s talk about quality products.

MARCUS DAVIS: So I’ve mentioned we opened in 2001, which means we’ve been here 20, almost 21 years now. And I think the three things that have led to that one is a quality product, I think it’s very important that the entrepreneur would no matter what business you’re in, you look at the quality of your product that you’re delivering to the marketplace and make sure that it is a one that is top-notch, and that you make no compromise on the quality of the product. And that’s what you should be delivered to them.

ERICA: And Tip two, and this is a good one because I think a lot of our businesses suffer in this area  is “quality service

MARCUS: Yes, we may have a lot of our business and stuff in this area but service is an issue across the board. And you will find more service issues in non-African American establishments than you will in African American establishments. So I just want to make sure we get that out because I you know I’ve been to some places that have changed. They give you terrible service. And but so quality product after you make up your mind that you want to deliver to your guests, the best product available in the marketplace, then you have to make sure it is delivered through the best hands and that’s your team. That’s you, that’s your culture. That’s your mentality. We’re here to serve you. We’re here to make a difference in your day, and in your life to a quality product. quality service, great people great team with a great mindset

GRIFF: And the last tip is consistency, which is everything in the world. To me, that word is so important. Let’s talk about the importance of that and being consistent.

MARCUS Let me let me tell you how much I believe in consistency, right? I believe so much in consistency that my daddy had to take a two week suspension because he didn’t want to follow the rules on being consistent

GRIFF: Don’t try to change it up. Now. You said you fired him. Don’t Don’t Don’t say he went on leave, he came. He came back.

MARCUS: He actually lost his job for a hot second because he didn’t want to follow the rules. Looks, quality product is one thing, quality service is another thing. But you have to be committed to doing both of those things every single time you unlock your door, Right? That is the most important part is one thing to give great service on one day. It’s another thing give great service on everyday it’s one thing to deliver quality product on one day. It’s another thing to deliver quality products every day. There’s one thing that I share with entrepreneurs, that is probably the most basic and the most fundamental, but it is the most sound advice “be who you say you are.” Right? You open your doors when you say you got to open, you close your doors when you say you’re gonna close and whatever is on your menu. You have those things in your store. And that’s not just about restaurants, whatever service or good you say you provide to the marketplace, make sure it’s available to them each and every time you unlock your door.

ERICA: How can people follow you on social media?

MARCUS: Man, I’m easy to find @MarcusMosiah after my hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey on Instagram and you can follow us at @katfishandgrits for the Breakfast Klub. And the better part is just come on down to 3711 Travis and get some of these Good Grits.