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You know, coming out of or maybe we’re still in the pandemic, maybe not in the middle, but the tail end of the pandemic, people have not fully gotten back into connecting with others. So we are still working remotely, a lot of us, we are still, you know, kids are not fully acclimated to being around people, because I think the pandemic really did a number on us. And I think we’re trying to go back to normal, and it hasn’t happened. And I think there are a lot of things that need to happen. Some therapy needs to, to happen, some prayer needs to happen. But we’ve got to learn to communicate with one another in a more substantial way because sending text messages and emails, it’s just not the same as talking to actual people. You know, like, when you have a problem with something, and you call a helpline, and you know, now that gives you the option of would you like the automated system or would you like to wait for someone, it literally take so long to wait for someone. So some people by force, have to do the automated thing when it would be probably faster and more effective to just talk to a person.

And maybe I’m old school, but it just feels really strange that we are getting away from the human connection. We’re getting away from talking to people, you know, people, they don’t like to see people, they don’t like FaceTime. It’s really weird. I was, you know, dropping my daughter off at college last week, and one of her friends something happened with her schooling and I was like, um, give him a call. She was like, No, I’ll just send a text. I was like, Well, why wouldn’t you give them a call? Well, because you know, that’s a little invasive. I was like to call someone who’s going through something. Well, you know, you don’t know if they really want the call. I said, Lord, what in the low self esteem is happening, just call the people. You’re not calling them because you’re not sure what he can think about himself for you. But that’s, that’s where we are.



Have a lot of people who are like, just don’t, don’t, don’t FaceTime me out of the blue. It feels rude. Like what? So people are not connecting the way they used to. And I think that we are doing ourselves a disservice because God created us human beings, and a need for community and need for togetherness and need for unity. Um, no, everybody’s not the same. And I understand that they’re introverts and people have different personalities, but at our core at, you know, at what God designed, was community, for us to be together for us to make friends for us to help one another to talk to one another to go through things together. You know, mental health is going crazy right now because everybody is anxious and upset. And I think a lot of it even before the pandemic, the pandemic just kind of exasperated everything that we’re going through. So let’s be in prayer for all of us, right? But let’s be open to communicating with people speaking up. You know, calling the people that you love. Don’t just assume they’re okay and for and please people do this to me all the time. I’m not gonna call her because she probably busy. If you need help from someone that you love call, say something open your mouth. Don’t sit there and struggle in silence. Don’t go through by yourself and alone. Make a phone call. Listen, maybe you’re calling somebody that needs to hear from you just as much as you need to hear from them. All right, that is my Ericaism for the day. I love you and I mean it speak up in your own life is what I’m telling you today. In your own life, a lot of people are struggling and struggling alone because they don’t want to say anything and that we’re in you know inadvertently cheat teaching that to our kids. They don’t talk they just text I know people who live in houses that don’t say hi to each other they just text talk fine. That’s not fun. It’s weird to man if I send my husband a message from downstairs he’d be like ah just come up here and tell me no. Communicate people, let’s communicate.