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Did you make a resolution to get fit and stay healthy and want to keep it? It’s going to take some work and the Get Up Church is here to help you. Personal Trainer and author Dawn Strozier shares tips with Erica and GRIFF on how to make 2023 a fitness success for you.













Tip 1: Track your progress. Why is this important?

Strozier: Tracking your progress will make you accountable to yourself and allow you to be more efficient with your time and will keep you committed to your plan. it means to count how many times you go to the count me how many times you’re making to the gym, and what time there. Going what your workouts are. And I’ll help you and make keeping it right in front of you, like right, right in the vision and making it plain. Keep it in front of you so that you can see it every single day. You can see what you’re doing, and what you’re not doing. 


Tip 2: Train with a professional

Strozier: They’ll help you progress your training, which is necessary because most people stay right there in their comfort zone and you need to be. You need to challenge your body for it to actually grow and get the results. 

Tip 3: Include mindfulness and meditation

Strozier: The mental Wellness is often overlooked, but it’s vital it’s important to you create an overall health so when you’re a complete mental exercise and maintain positivity on the daily basis as part of your workout all the time, you help your mind build it. Build, become a powerful advocate and your body then will follow you. Build the mind and the body. 

Tip 4: Make sure you feed your brain properly

Strozier: Listen, most people focus on feeding the body. However, it’s your brain that’s responsible for making heartbeat. And to make your lungs breathe and take your body to move. So what what you? It’s may. It may be more important to feed your brain which foods are which are at your accidents and good fat like salmon and avocado. Leafy green vegetables you have to pay attention. To what you’re feeding your brain. When your brain feels energized and strengthened, the better your body will work. 

Tip 5: Be consistent

Strozier: Whatever your goals are. I go every day I’m nurse. Right now to walk out the door, whatever your goals are, they require consistency so you can get the results you want. Your body needs time to adapt to, forming a good habit. So you’ve got to be consistent in your nutrition and your workout or you will not see the results.