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Berkeley, CA June 22, 1935 - Jesse Owens clears the last hurdle in the 220-yard hurdle race winning by seven feet over Glenn Hardin of Louisiana State (second from right) in the closing event of the National Collegiate Athletic Association meet. (Oakland

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Dr. Willie Jolley’s President’s Day principle to win BIG today is  “The Jesse Owens Story Outjump the Competition


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Are you ready to win today? As we celebrate Black History Month, I want to celebrate the winning lessons of Jesse Owens. Jesse Owens was a world-class athlete who went to the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany with amazing skills, a big dream, and great faith. Adolf Hitler said that there was no way a black athlete can compete on the same level as the German athletes and refused to even shake the hand of the black athletes. Jesse Owens did not worry about the snub by Hitler.  

He just concentrated on his dream. He continued to dream even after having 3-foot faults. He had one more try, or he would be disqualified. He focused on his dream and continued to have faith, and on his final attempt, he outjumped everyone and won the gold medal. He went on to win four gold medals, and won every event he participated in. A dream, mixed with confident determination and persistence will always change your destiny. Do it now.  



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