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Rudy Currence Premieres New Single “Ransom,” Talks Transition From R&B To Gospel

Rudy Currence

Source: Kahlel Production / Radio One Digital


Rudy Currence made his return to the Get Up Church to premiere his new single “Ransom.” The Grammy and Dove award-winning producer, singer, and songwriter tell TJ what this song means to him, saying “Ransom” is just talking about the unconditional love of God. And it’s just saying how God’s love is redemptive. Sometimes we haven’t even forgiven ourselves for things that we’ve done, and God’s love teaches us how to love ourselves, but also how to love other people.





Currence’s new album “Stained Glass Windows,” Is available on digital outlets. Rudy gives his reasoning around the unique title, telling TJ and GRIFF “It’s basically saying that when Jesus comes back, he’s not coming back for a denomination or organization or building with pretty stained-glass windows, he’s coming back for us. We are the church and so our lifestyle should reflect our worship.”