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griff's prayer

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My DM’s and text messages were going off because there was another TikTok that was talking about Mary Mary. There was a girl who lives in Belgium. She’s from the US and they were having a work party and the DJ was playing music and they kept saying they wanted to play, you know, more up tempo music by women. 

She said we gotta play shackles and she was like, they can’t be talking about Mary, Mary shackles. And so they hey played, she said when they turned it on and everybody started dancing and jamming and having a good time, she was like, y’all know this gospel song, right? They’re like gospel? It’s talking about God. 

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And so I always think it’s funny when people say things like that because they hear the music. And some believers feel as if f it’s gospel, you should know it’s gospel should be clear. You should be saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus every 5 seconds. So people know that it’s Jesus. But here’s what’s hat’s very crafty and sneaky about the enemy. He don’t want you to know it’s him. You think it’s you ou want. You think it’s something else so he don’t go around announcing. Hey, it’s me. It’s Satan trying to destroy you. Hey, it’s me. I’m trying to distract you from the things of God or the ideals of God. I’m trying to so he just sings his music. 



That gets in your head and gets in your spirit. And before you know you got a bad attitude because you have been listening to things that are angry and vindictive and hateful and don’t line up with the word of God and selfish and envious and jealous and all these things. Well, then he can be slick soap. 


Not so I can make a song that is literally top five in the world that they would play in a club in Belgium, but it’s planting seeds of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we desire to give God praise in every circumstance, that even though it feels like things will never change, we know that God will break the shackles off our feet off our life, off our hearts, off our minds. And set us free when we desire to praise him. 


I love telling people about the scripture that says one must be wise. Ways to win souls, right? That Jesus makes us lights so we can go into the world and illuminate people’s lives and hearts and draw them to Jesus. Yeah, play it in the club, play it when they’re drinking. They know what’s going on and they trying to figure out what is spirit changing. 


I met this one girl and she said I was listening to God and me. They played it in the club. I said I bought the record and you see, when I bought the record I was like. When they talk about God, she said. And I was mad when I realized what y’all was talking about, but I couldn’t stop listening to it, she said. So she kept listening and listening and listening, she said then. She wanted to go to church. Then she kept going to church. She listened to us. Then she started listening to other gospel artists, and before she knew it, her life had changed and she had surrendered her life to God and gave him her heart. She was like I got saved from a song that I heard in the club. She was like, please don’t ever stop fishing for souls, dont stop playing it in places where they think it doesn’t belong, and I learned that light works best in darkness.