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Thank God For the Prayer Warriors | Ericaism

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I want to talk to the prayer warriors. I grew up with prayer warriors. I grew up with waking up, seeing my father on his knees at 5:00 AM. I grew up having blessed Doyle on my forehead. I grew up going to shut ends and prayer meetings and shut in is where you go to the church, you take your blanket and you put in a pillow. Or sometimes they don’t necessarily let you sleep and you pray all night, you pray and you call on the name of the Lord. You rebuke the hand of the enemy. You make sure that you declare protection and covering for every area of our lives. For even people who don’t go to the church for people in prison ministry and homeless people and people in the hospital. 


I’ve seen people pray for all kinds of things. I’ve seen people pray for folks and then watch that very same person come into the church. We had regular shut INS, but we also had a Tuesday night prayer that was just for the young people, was after Bible study and all the young people would stay. I remember being filled with the Holy Spirit at about 16 years old. We were just in the church praying and I really, really wanted to be filled with the spirit. You know, I grew up in church, so I had assumed that I would automatically. Get it? 

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But that wasn’t my y Holy Ghost story. But listen, once you get it, you know you got it. I just thank God for the women that prayed for me, that I’m challenged me. That would follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and rebuke me when I needed to, and let me know what thus sayeth the Lord. 


But as I grew older, I had a desire. To know God for myself. And in acts one and 14 it says all these with one accord. We’re devoting themselves to prayer together with the women and Mary, the mother of Jesus, and his brothers, God bless the people who devote themselves to prayer, who push back their plate, who fast and pray and make sure that they are in connection. With heaven. Now listen, I believe that God wants us all to be prayer warriors. 


The Bible says men should always pray and not faint it and not give up. It doesn’t say just the prayer warriors should pray and not give up, so we should all have a strong prayer life, make sure that we dedicate. A specific time of your day to the Lord just to be in the presence of the Lord, you know. And we know that the scripture says whatever you ask in prayer you receive. If you have faith. So I want you to become your own prayer warrior. Yes, it’s good when you can call somebody. But guess what? You can talk to God yourself. 

If you don’t know what to say, guess what? God is not weirded out by that. He doesn’t have a language barrier where he don’t understand your heart. He knows just where you are in your faith. So just build that faith relationship. Yesterday I was talking to my son before service starts the the prayer team just prays over the church. They pray over every seat we pray for every ministry of the church that the power of God will fall and. Be present. And he was sitting down. And I said, what you doing? He was like, you know, I’m just sitting down. I said no, no, we all pray in this family.  


I want you to develop your own conversation with the father. I don’t want you to have to say, hey, mom, can you pray for me even though I will? Still, I want you to learn how to pray for yourself because I’m not going to always be there. And so I want you to know what to say, how to rebuke the enemy, how to call on the power of heaven, how to align your speech, your prayers with what God has already said to you. And so I want to thank God for every prayer warrior I want to thank God for those of you that know and understand the prayer warriors and what happens at different times when you pray because spiritual warfare is real and y’all better believe that the enemy is always trying to steal, kill and destroy. 

So we need prayer warriors who are praying at all times in all times, not just oh, I have an available moment, but knowing when to connect with heaven. And I love that I don’t have to be dressed a certain way. I can be in my car and pray I can be exercising and praying I could be on my way to work and praying in my car. Somebody could be praying right now. And I believe that heaven will hear you. So shout out. And thank you, Jesus.  


For every prayer warrior that is called out my name, every poor prayer warrior that has prayed and covered your pastor that is protected your music ministry because you know the enemy hates the music ministry. Prayers for your youth ministry and men’s ministry and those that do outreach. May God bless each and every one of you. All keep praying.