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Check Your Heart | Ericaism

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So I read this post that really struck me and I wanted to share it with you, it says. I hope you’re secure enough to not need to shade others to boost your shine. Ohh, nothing gets under my skin more than somebody pumping somebody pushing somebody down in order to pump themselves up. 


I know people playfully saying I’m say things like I’m better than you and you know what I mean? My sister is better than yours and you know it’s OK when you’re doing it in jest and you’re joking, but when you sincerely have to push others down, you need to check your heart. 


Is the motivation just to be better than somebody else or is it about you and you got to make sure that the enemy is not manipulating your successes? The enemy is not manipulating your moments that could give glory to God because you’re so focused on they didn’t like me and see, they said and you know, I that doesn’t it doesn’t have to be involved in that and I always want to check my heart, you know, because God has blessed me to do some great things. 

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And I believe that God blesses not only just because it was my time, not because I took anything from anyone else or I’m better than anyone else. But God just allowed me the blessing of being where I am and doing what I do. I didn’t have to step on anybody’s head. I don’t have to take anything. I don’t have to call nobody and say take them off the program and put me on the program. I didn’t do any of that. That’s why I know how to celebrate other people. I’m always happy to celebrate other people’s wins. We have people ont he show and I post them on my social media page. 


I believe in lifting up other people. It does not diminish me to lift you up. I’m always willing to do it, and if you have a problem with that, you need to check your heart. If every time you watch someone else, there’s a little envy and a little jealousy and a little anger, I check your heart right. Your pain to God and be like Lord. 


I got something ain’t right cause I’m getting too mad at this sister’s joy.I’m getting too mad at their blessings.  I shouldn’t be upset that they got a new car. I shouldn’t be upset that she got married and I didn’t. Nor he got his business or I shouldn’t be upset about that. Let’s make sure we check our heart. Their success should not mean anger for you, right? And in your joy. Should not mean you taught someone else and throw it in their face, so let’s make sure our hearts are right.