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Listen, I was talking to my son and we were talking about practicing and he was saying, well, why do you have to practice if you already know how to do it? Trying to avoid practicing the basic that his father makes him do for an hour on a regular basis and so he is good and he’s playing on a remix on my album. I said let me ask you this. The first time you do it and the 100th time that you do it. Do you think?  

It’s the same and he was like, well, no, the 100th time, you’ll be better, I said. That’s what practice. Looks like doing it over and over again, I said I could sing when I was a little girl, but the way I sing now it’s much different because I’ve put more time in. I want us to not neglect the necessity of practice and preparation and persistence and being patient with yourself. When I was talking to my daughters and asking them to do stuff. 

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If it’s not perfect the first time, sometimes they go I want to move on to something else and I’ll go. No, you’re good at it. You just haven’t perfected it yet. And the same goes for a lot of you, something that you’re working on, something that you want to do has not turned out the way you wanted it to the first time. So you stop. You got to keep trying. You got to keep going. It’s somebody trying a new recipe. They’ll keep trying or someone trying to make a design. You know, you’ll do something and maybe that design doesn’t work. You have to rethink and reorganize your thoughts. And so. Be persistent. Patient make sure that you practice and prepare yourself for what is to come. If you’ve got something great, you’ve got to stick with it. Don’t quit. 


Alright, that is the Ericaism for the day. Be patient. Be persistent. Don’t quit. Greatness is on. All the peace. The inside of you all the peace, right? Get there. You’d be perfect in every way. Well, maybe, maybe not. Come on. But be persistent. That is why our kids are for the day, Chris got the joys and concerns up next, if you ready. I’m not. Let’s go. He will be by the time it comes up next. Don’t get up more.