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What Season Are You In? | Ericaism

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Can you imagine a farmer that didn’t know seasons? Can you imagine a person that didn’t understand the seasons that they were in, like wearing the wrong clothes like, you know, taking a Snuggie to the beach or being in the mountains in the bathing suit? You be like you off like, but that don’t matter. None of this don’t match, but spiritually we have to know the season that we’re in. Because if you don’t know the season that you’re in, you’ll misidentify how you should operate in that season.  


Sometimes you are in a season of war, a season of battle, a season of going through, and when you understand that you’re in that season, you have to determine and make up in your mind that you are willing to fight. If you go through this season of war and the season of battle as a victim, you’ll miss it. You’ll miss the victory. You’ll miss the opportunity to grow in faith. You won’t see God’s hand because you’re too busy being the victim. 

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Don’t miss the season or you could be in a season of blessing and you’re so skeptical you don’t receive the blessing you may be in a season of God doing something great in your life, and I pray that you recognize and understand the season that you are in.  


I have spent a lot of time praying to God, saying God, please don’t let me think I’m right if I’m wrong, if I’m wrong and I’m looking at this wrong, then please, Holy Spirit, speak loud and clear. Guide me showed me which way to go? I’m working and doing and I’m sure you are too and your life working and doing and sometimes you are anticipating something that it’s just not time for it. 


Maybe you’re just in a season of preparation. Then enjoy the season of preparation. I consider it an honor and a privilege when I get a word of warning when somebody prays for me when somebody prophecies and says Erica, this is coming and that is coming and be prepared. I’m like, oh my God, thank you for warning me. Thank you for letting me know. Know, the season you’re in and operate fully in that season. 



If you are in a season of blessing, don’t you go around apologizing? Well, you know I, you know, I don’t want to offend nobody, but now, if God is blessing you, you better shout it from the mountaintops we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. Other people get encouraged from your testimony. Other people realize what God can do for them because they know we don’t serve this selfish one time God. And if we know that, then we can share the goodness of God and not feel no kind of way. 


I hate when people say girl, don’t post your relationship on the on the Internet, the Internet gonna mess it up. How they do that at where they do that? How the Internet come in my room, at my house and mess up my marriage? If there’s something already going on, it will reveal who you really are. Come on, if you already insecure if you already got a little self esteem, it’ll reveal that. But the Internet can’t mess up nothing. Because if me and you know each other and they say this, I know you for real I know she I’ll never. Now that sound crazy she might have. But I don’t think so. That’s the kind of friend I am. That’s the kind of person. And if you tell me somebody that I know and love. Said something about me. I’m going straight to, Hey so said I just want to check. You think I’m gonna sit over here with low self? Now if I know them, you know. So no, I’m not gonna let the Internet destroy my life. 


Or you just keep it to yourself. Because people going and after they type that comment, what happens? Does money leave your bank account? After they type that comment, do you then forget how you feel about yourself? No, just keep living your life. 


Oh, the season that you are in. Sometimes God is preparing you for a season of being in. Don’t be afraid of being in front. That’s what God has called you to. Don’t be afraid of it. I had to tell myself that I know what season I’m in I know God has blessed me with. I know where I need to work, you know, and if I don’t know? Guess what? The Holy Spirit is going to tell me no, the season you’re in.