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I don’t know if you remember this song by Donald Lawrence called “Bless Me”. It’s based on Scripture and in first Chronicles 4 and 10 that says, and Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, oh, that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory that your hand. 


Would be with me and you would keep me from evil that I might not cause pain, so God granted him his request. I think a lot of people have sang that song and prayed that prayer that God would enlarge my territory and we suffered gracious God that I believe hears our prayers and answers our prayers. 


But what I love about God is he never gives us something that we are not capable of handling. While God has blessed us tremendously, I think being able to handle the blessing is even more important than the blessing itself, because nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing people mismanage or mishandle the blessing because I’m sure we’ve seen it before. 

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No matter the reason, whether it is fatigue, arrogance, ignorance. We’ve seen people miss mismanage and mishandle the blessing. But because we serve our great God, who hears our prayers and knows his plans and intentions, and let me tell you this, your prayer cannot manipulate God into giving you something that he never intended to give you in the first place. 


He’s not that kind of God. He is alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He is sovereign. He knows how it ends up, he knows your mistakes and your missteps. And there are some things that he just has for you because. 


Is good and a lot of times we pray prayers and thinking that I will change God’s mind about me. God already has his thoughts about you can’t change his mind. But when you pray a prayer that lines up with his word when you pray a prayer that you are already prepared to receive, then you end up with the blessing. And So what makes description, even scripture even more powerful? He says that I might not cause pain his name, Jabez, means pain. His name really means pain because he was born in pain and there are few people in the scripture with that name. Their mother named them based on the pain that they felt, but in their life they did not become a pain. 

And sometimes when you have that type of story, when there is pain in your childhood, you just want to escape that pain and his blessing that he asked for. That your hand be with me, that you keep me from evil that I may not cause pain, it’s just such a beautiful request. It makes me wonder when you’re asking God to bless you. What do you want God to bless you for? 


Because what this scripture does did not say is bless me indeed. So I can show so and so that I’m better than them, bless me, indeed. So they will feel like they’re not, that I’m on their level, that I can keep up with. That is not why God would bless you. He blesses you to be a blessing because his intention was always to bless you. And so I pray that when you pray, those kind of prayers, that your heart is in the right place, I pray that you are able to handle the blessing that God wants to give you. 


So yes, get into first Chronicles 4 intent, but keep studying. Read the scripture before read the scripture after, after and then ask God to reveal it to you and then make sure that what you are praying for. You’re asking for it for the right reasons. God vindicates us. Yes, he restores. Yes, he gives us the victory. But that’s not all he’s about. Just beating up your enemy because guess what? 


If it’s another human being, they are a child of God. And so God is not in the business of beating up his children. He gives us the victory. He allows us to learn lessons, and he allows us to grow. So I pray that your prayers don’t fall flat to the ground because you’re praying for the wrong reasons. I do pray that he would bless you indeed and enlarge your territory. I just pray that you can handle it when you get it. 


That is my Ericaism for the day, ladies and gentlemen. You know, cause a lot of people get things and they just flat out ain’t ready for it. I pray that you are ready for everything that God has for you. I pray that you are prepared for what God has prepared for you.