There are some crazy folks in the world and we must help them when we can.

Resist the enemy, lean more into Jesus and humble yourself to cast your cares on God. 

Do you plan out what you're doing from day to day?

Do you ever try to do things so that people like you?

Do you ever have questions that you don't know the answers to?

Erica Campbell talks about what to do when you don't have the answers.

We all watch “We’re The Campbell’s” and see how Erica Campbell is with her children. You have to train up a child and help them understand manners, how to treat others and get through life. Erica talked about how seasoned mother’s need to help younger mothers sometimes. She spoke about teaching her kids certain things […]

Erica Campbell was having a conversation with some of her artists friends and they all were talking about why they do the work.

Erica Campbell recalls a friend being sick with stage 4 cancer and the doctor asking them, "Is there anyone you want to forgive?"

Erica Campbell spoke about having negative thoughts when carrying out different things in life.