If you click on the hashtag #raisingqueens, thousands of photos of Black fathers with their Black daughters will come up. If you keep scrolling, other hashtags like #strongblackfathers will pique your interest. Despite limited depictions of Black father and daughter relationships in mainstream media, social media has a trove of powerful imagery that shows the […]

Reyna and Robert Mathis, an interracial Hispanic and Black couple, were touring the home of potential seller Charles Anderson, an officer in the Muskegon Police Department.

Bowie State University is launching a center that will focus on empowering and supporting Black male teachers and students.

If CNN can pull it off, it will have an essential dream team of all-Black panelists for an upcoming political roundtable show

A rag doll was pulled from a dollar store in New Jersey after numerous complaints were filed over the language written on the rag doll

A Black University of Alabama at Birmingham student says she was threatened with the loss of her job before the school’s human resources office intervened, after she wore a scarf that was not to her employers liking.

Carl Robinson was 43 and his wife Latoya Thompson was only 34.

Black Atlanta scholars took home the title at Harvard University’s annual debate competition.

The Black-owned app Choose Your Reader allows individuals to create and voice record stories for their children.

The Crown Act helps protect Black women against discrimination regarding their natural hair in the work place.

An Illinois man says he was arrested after a hospital security guard racially profiled him and accused him of stealing an IV that was attached to his arm.

Kenesha Starling has become the first Black editor-in-chief of the South Texas Law Review.