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A 5-year-old kid was out here saving lives and acknowledging his brilliance.


A Louisville man was booked on Tuesday night after inflicting “severe injuries” on his 2-month-old child, according to police.

Jerri Hrubes claims that a Woods Cross officer pointed a gun at her mentally challenged son after he mistook him for an armed suspect.

Three people have been arrested in Florida for reportedly brutally beating a child with several things such as jump rope, belt, clothes hanger, and even a charging cord because the child did not finish his/her homework.


In his new memoir, the Oscar winner opens up about his past sexual abuse and how he repressed it for decades.

People around the world began lifting up 5-year-old, Landen after he was thrown off a third-floor balcony at the Mall of America.

In May 4-year-old Sir Romeo was playing in his apartment as any child would, when suddenly gunfire broke out.

Brian Cook is a singer, songwriter, musician and minister of music.

In Joy Living, Erica Campbell explains that little kids have all the confidence in the world.

GRIFF says a prayer of thankfulness for black moms after seeing a child on a leash.