A jury found Katy Perry guilty of copyright infringement, but a judge recently overturned the decision after concluding that Christian rapper Flame couldn’t prove that Perry copied his song. 

A Christian realtor is suing the Virginia Real Estate Board over investigating how she sharing her religious beliefs on a business website and her email signature. 

On an Instagram post that has been deleted he opened up to the world about how he's been feeling.

According to APNews the verdict has finally come down five years after Marcus Gray and several other co-authors fought to get justice.

Summer is right around the corner and several Christian films are coming out for you to see.

Being a Christian means a number of different things to different people...

Burly Man Coffee has decided to continue to pay it forward by donating 100 cars to single mothers.

Christian Mingle might be old news now that the new dating website for Christians called "Churchy Date" has arrived.

Summer Grant says that a pastor at Chapel Hill Christian School in Akron, Ohio, expelled her children because they have different fathers.

There is nothing like a fine man that loves the Lord!   While having a discussion about men that love God with some of the editors, we decided to put together a list of good looking Christian men. Won’t he do it!

Director of corporate communications for LifeWay explained that this was "a strategic shift of resources to a dynamic digital strategy.”