The other day two people told GRIFF that God told them to give him a message.

GRIFF shared a message Erica Campbell says everyday about how the enemy tries to throw us off our path.

Erica wants everyone to be secure in who God calls them to be and decided to keep it up.

Erica Campbell wants you to stop listening to the enemy so much.

Erica Campbell wants you to know that sometimes you must guard your heart especially after you minister.

Erica Campbell talked about the little things that block our blessings.

Erica Campbell is speaking to people that are letting the enemy think God doesn’t love them.

Has the enemy been trying to take things from your life?

Often times the enemy uses us and we might not even recognize it.

Erica Campbell is giving us another Ericaism and it’s all about the enemy trying to defeat you.

In “GRIFF’s Prayer” today he talks to us about feeling down these past couple of days.

In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell discusses how sin so easily sneaks into our lives.