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A Twitter user initially shared a video of himself gifting his father with tickets to the concert of one of his favorite artists! Now his dream is fulfilled, tenfold.


A New York father is under arrest after his one-year-old twins died while in his car for eight hours in sweltering temperatures.

A neighbor told the publication that Terrence came by to take her to the store and the child excitedly greeted him.

Destin Pryor and baby Kingston are starring in their first national campaign.

We live in a time where some parents feel that they will wait until their children are ready or feel like they want to know God, but McDowell doesn't believe that it should be that way.


An entrepreneur and his 11-year-old son created an investment consulting company designed to increase Black wealth.

Rev. Charles M. Franklin Jr of Ray of Hope Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland suffered a heart attack and died after communion service.

Leonardo Avila has been in Alessandra’s life since she was 7 months old.

GRIFF got a phone call from someone that mentioned to him he loves how much he loves Jesus.

Graduation season is upon us and it is such a joyous occasion.