A fire erupted at West Philadelphia Church – The Greater Bible Way Temple.


A 5-year-old kid was out here saving lives and acknowledging his brilliance.


A West Philadelphia man tried to save his mother from a blazing fire by scaling a 19-story building to come to her rescue.


An unidentified man set himself on fire at the Ellipse park near the White House this week.

Just days after the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral was damaged due to a fire, police arrested professor, Marc Lamparell after bringing gasoline and lighter fluid into St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Many others, sent a similar message, stating that the Notre Dame restoration will be well funded and urging support for the Louisiana churches.


On Monday the 21-year-old suspect arrested in connection to three historically Black church fires in Louisiana was additionally charged with hate crimes, according to the Associated Press.

Yesterday, first responders in Paris, France were battling a fire at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral.

Local elected officals say that the "fires are believed to have been intentionally set."

According to NYTimes, three historically Black churches have been set ablaze in the past 10 days in the Louisiana parish of St. Landry.

Robinson is being accused of setting fire to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' and another church nearly a mile away.

The Coal City Fire Department in Facebook post mentioned that even through the fire, the Bibles in the church weren't burned.