In the filing she says she saw one photo that purportedly shows Kobe's body and since seeing that picture has been "tormented with thoughts of who took it and whether it depicts my husband.”

Kobe Bryant would have celebrated his 43rd birthday on Aug. 23, 2021. These photos only catch a glimpse of what went into the making of Kobe Bryant, a father, husband, son, brother and friend forever known as the "Black Mamba."

Saturday, May 15 was bittersweet for NBA fans as the legendary Kobe Bryant was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. The late basketball icon's wife, Vanessa Bryant, presented a stirring speech to honor her husband's enshrinement among NBA legends.

We swear that in this day and age of digital film, social media and sharing methods, nothing is sacred anymore. Not even death.

Vanessa and Natalia Bryant are mother-daughter goals in this emotional Mother's Day inspired Vogue and Bulgari campaign.

Though Kobe's fans came through being a loyal Laker player, his charisma won the hearts of people beyond basketball.

Sources close to Vanessa Bryant shared a statement with NewsOne attributed to her that provides a glimpse into the unfortunate family drama with her mother that includes allegations of extortion over unfulfilled promises of material items.

Did you know Erica Campbell used to sing background for Brian McKnight? Small world! We learned this today when the R&B crooner called in to talk about his new album, Exodus. It's his 20th and last release. 

Philadelphia Eagles have recently honored long time Birds fan Kobe Bryant with a mural. Although the NBA legend spent his whole career rocking the purple and gold he always had an Eagles jersey on when Sunday rolled around. Earlier in the year, we lost Kobe and his daughter Gigi Bryant in a tragic helicopter accident. […]

Vanessa Bryant is suing the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after the leak of photos from the deadly crash taking her loved ones.

Gianna was an impressive athlete just like her father and had high hopes of making it to the WNBA.

This past weekend, Vanessa Bryant celebrated her 19-year wedding anniversary.