How you talk to your kids about race? Listen to Dr. Keiku Smith's suggestions inside...

The video, tapped by the victim Wesly Michel, showed Michael Cukor as he began to accost Michel for simply waiting in the building’s lobby while he waited for his friend.

Lesley McFadden lost in a three-way race for Ferguson’s 3rd Ward to Fran Griffin.

We’ve been watching Chad Johnson and Michelle Williams relationship blossom on their show “Chad Loves Michelle.”

Anthony Ekundayo Lennon says people think he is Black because of his high cheek bones.

Bill Cosby will be back in court on Monday and this week the jury was selected.

As if Kendall Jenner‘s Pepsi debacle wasn’t draining enough for the Internet, Nivea also caught the wrath of social media for their last campaign. The beauty brand is now officially pulling the plug on their recent “White Is Purity” ad after it triggered major backlash on social media for being racist and insensitive. The original […]